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November 22, 2012
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(( Big wall of text coming at you guys. Itís Williamís background story, so it might be good to read it, yeah? ))

The past few months had not been too kind to William. He had found himself ill and, as the weeks went on, it seemed as though he was not getting any better. It happened to have been quite the opposite, in fact. As Williamís condition worsened, he began to give up on himself. His betrothed however, a young lady named Anna, had not. Through the weeks and months, she had stayed by his side, feeding him and caring for him, always making sure he took his dreadful tasting medicine every day. She did not mind looking after him, she loved him, and he loved her. The two of them were due to be married that following Spring, and she knew she had to help him get better by then.

One fateful day, William was feeling especially horrible. He had not felt this sick before, not once during his whole sickness. It began to worry him as it worsened during the day; he did not, however, tell Anna exactly how he was feeling. He knew it would worry her. But Anna could tell something was not quite right that day, so she stayed by his side the whole time, sitting on the foot of his bed; just talking about their memories together and how many more there would be after the wedding. They smiled and laughed together, stopping when it threw William into a coughing fit every now and then. Anna pulled his medicine jar from the drawer beside his bed and poured the gooey black liquid into a spoon and held it out for him. After some resistance, William agreed to take it. He hated the taste, but knew it would all be worth it when he regained his health and could watch Anna, his beautiful bride to be, walk down the aisle.

But for now, he just wanted to sleep. His body felt weak, tired and heavy. As his eyes drooped shut, he heard Anna speaking in her calm and beautiful tone as he watched her give one of her cheerful smiles. Finally, his eyes closed fully and he drifted off to sleep. For one, final, time.

(( Okay, I donít wanna write this in story form because Iím lazy, but after he died, William ran into Death and asked him for his life back because he didnít want to leave Anna. Death said he couldnít do that, but he could make it that Will could still see Anna every day by turning him into a ghost. William agreed and asked to be turned into a specific type of ghost; a will-o-wisp. He wanted to be turned into this because he knew Anna loved how the fireflies and the moon glow at night. Death said okay and did so, BUT, Death being an asshole like he is, double crossed William and made him forget absolutely everything about his past life.
This has caused William to believe he has always been a wisp, and is why he tells people he was born that way.

Oh, and, the first question is part of a bigger question I will /hopefully/ complete properly later~ ))

Song: Right here waiting for you - it's a cover of the tune, but I dunno who made it :/
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Question: William, I am and about if I said I can make you live again...would you do it?
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